List of accepted papers

50 papers were submitted and 30 of them accepted for publication. Here is the list of accepted papers in alphabetical order.

  1. A Novel Photoplethysmographic Noise Removal Method via Wavelet Transform to Effective preprocessing (7622)
    Galya Georgieva-Tsaneva
  2. A Predictive Analytics Framework Using Machine Learning for the Logistics Industry (2654)
    Snezhana Sulova, Yanka Aleksandrova, Miglena Stoyanova and Mihail Radev
  3. A Synonym-based Approach for the Semantic Indexing of Texts (120)
    Georgios Grigoriadis Kotsalis, Stavros Nikolopoulos and Iosif Polenakis
  4. A system for speech and language therapy with a potential to work in the IoT (9545)
    Anna Lekova, Anna Andreeva, Tanio Tanev, Miglena Simonska and Snezhana Kostova
  5. Achieving System Reliability Using Reliability Adjustment (2587)
    Edita Djambazova
  6. An Approach to Predicting Human Body Measurements and Shape (454)
    Tzvetomir Vassilev and Metodi Dimitrov
  7. Conceptual design and implementation of a microcontroller for the projection of laser and lighting effects in smart environments (6541)
    Svetozar Ilchev and Ekaterina Otsetova-Dudin
  8. Device model and communication protocol with low overhead for sensors and actuators in smart buildings (6572)
    Svetozar Ilchev and Ekaterina Otsetova-Dudin
  9. Experiential Learning Approach for Teaching the Topic "Arithmetic Circuits for Fast Addition: Carry Propagation-Look-Ahead Carry Generator" (1671)
    Adriana Borodzhieva and Ivanka Tsvetkova
  10. Extrapolating the Digital Readiness - Do Turkmen Undergraduate Students Competent for Online Learning? (4155)
    Begench Yazov, Rovshen Ishangulyyev, Ogulnabat Kakayeva and Yoldash Kurambayev
  11. Fast Asynchronous Arbiters. Determining Final Delays (9852)
    Dimitar Tyanev, Yulka Petkova and Milen Angelov
  12. Fractal Time Series Analysis by Using Entropy and Hurst Exponent (4691)
    Evgeniya Gospodinova
  13. Green Inspires Students ( A STEM educational project combining a Mobile Data Collection application with ArcGIS Online platform, towards carbon neutrality in school. (8452)
    Christos Samaras, Evaggelos Malkakis, Vaso Barouti and Vassilios Verykios
  14. How University Students in "Informatics and Computer Sciences" would like to Use Video Games for Learning (1653)
    Albena Antonova, Boyan Bontchev and Yavor Dankov
  15. Image Compression, Achieved by Limiting the Color Variations in The RGB Color Model (860)
    Metodi Dimitrov and Tzvetomir Vassilev
  16. Impacts of IT-related group tasks on capacity building of young scholars (922)
    Bayram Ashyrmyradovich Jumayev and Serdar Nazarov
  17. Linear Images Coprocessing in Environmental Monitoring (7400)
    Teodora Petrova and Zhivo Petrov
  18. MathCient - An Innovative Solution for Flipped Learning in Higher Education (2030)
    Yuldashbay Kurambayev, Begench Yazov and Hatyja Annacharyyeva
  19. Modeling A Business Intelligence System For Determining Investment Efficiency (1805)
    Angel Popgeorgiev and Elitsa Ibryamova
  20. Modelling and testing multi-qubit universal control gate developed for quantum computing systems (6531)
    Bayram Ashyrmyradovich Jumayev
  21. Ontology-driven detection of redundancy in short texts and its visualization (1004)
    Miroslav Borecký and Ján Lang
  22. Optimization of training through the use of digital technologies (Serious game in health care training) (6967)
    Ivan Ralev, Greta Koleva-Petkova, Despina Georgieva and Irinka Hristova
  23. Planning Orientation Change of the End-effector of State Space Constrained Redundant Robotic Manipulators (5340)
    Lyubomira Miteva, Kaloyan Yovchev and Ivan Chavdarov
  24. Real-time Trajectory Replanning for Dynamic Obstacles Avoidance for Robotics Manipulators (5270)
    Kaloyan Yovchev and Lyubomira Miteva
  25. Security Aspects of Behavioral Biometrics for Strong User Authentication (6614)
    Vladimír Jančok and Michal Ries
  26. Technology Development of Automated Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System with IR Sensor and Based on A PIC Microcontroller (3936)
    Suleyman Nokerov, Rovshen Ishangulyyev, Perman Hojagulyyev, Aravind Pitchai Venkataraman and Khalid Ali Khan
  27. The impact of Covid-19 Epidemic on Teaching and Learning (4890)
    Leon Rothkrantz
  28. Troubleshooting Combinational Logic Circuits Web-based Learning System for Improving Students Engagement (5358)
    Barish Yumerov and Galina Ivanova
    Zhanat Nurbekova, Bakyt Nurbekov, Mira Maulsharif, Dinara Naimanova and Aigerim Baimendinova
  30. Virtual Laboratory for Teaching Coding Theory (1700)
    Yuksel Aliev, Galina Ivanova and Adriana Borodzhieva

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